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Welcome to Bingara

Bingara is the Gem on the Gwydir River, nestled in National Parks.  It is a place that shines with opportunity, a safe place with a friendly and healthy environment.

But Bingara offers much more than just peace and tranquillity, it is not a sleepy town because it boasts a vibrant, energetic and productive community.

Bingara treasures its Past, lives for the present and has planned for its Future. It owns its VISION, it knows where it's going and most importantly, it knows how to get there.

We love our town and we know you will too.
Come and see for yourself!

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Bingara is at the heart of the Fossickers Way, one of the oldest and most picturesque touring routes in New South Wales.

The Fossickers Way provides an alternative route between Sydney and Brisbane for those who enjoy an easy, more leisurely scenic drive ...on sealed roads.

Fossickers Way mudmap

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News Highlights

Bowl a Little. Give Some More. (21-May-15)
Raising Funds for Bingara's Community Comfort and supporting Ally Dixon as an Orange Festival Queen entrant.
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Thank you from North West Theatre Company (21-May-15)
I appreciate this opportunity, on behalf of the North West Theatre Company, to thank theatre-goers in this community, and throughout the region, for their continuing support for our productions – the most recent being the whodunit spoof “Murdered to Death” which closed its season last weekend.
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NSLA granted funding for soil health promotion (21-May-15)
As part of the “Building a Toolbox for Healthy Farms” project Northern Slopes Landcare (NSLA) formerly the UGLA, has been granted funding to help promote soil health in the region.
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A Persian naval base, a pirates’ lair, the "Antikythera shipwreck" and its treasures (19-May-15)
Antikythera is a Greek island lying on the edge of the Aegean Sea, between Crete and Peloponnese. The island is steeped in mythology and rich ancient history. 
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